Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Weekend

I woke up this morning wondering why some of us survive, while others do not. Why do some of us get to wake up and do our everyday, couple things when J does not? It is hard for me to reconcile all of this.

My mom is here visiting this weekend. Sly B is so wonderful with mom, and vice versa. They both were sweet and allowed me to watch the debate last night when they'd have rather seen almost any other show.

The tomatoes need some water this morning.

We have to go walk, and mom wants a 1/2 bushel of tomatoes from the farmer's market so that she can make some salsa.

I really should go pull the grass that's screwing up the pristine xeriscape we're shooting for in the front.

I'm not sad today - I'm perplexed. I have the heavy weight of someone else's sorrow at the back of my mind, tugging when I feel especially appreciative for something wonderful that I have because I know it is fleeting.

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