Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Which I Sound Sort of Crazy on a Second Reading

I am feeling scattered tonight, yet still want to write a little. Diary blogging, dedicated to Jack Mangan.

I have a million revelations just bubbling on the surface.

I have a ongoing project that is myself to pick back up and improve upon.

I struggle against falling into relationships that harm me, with people who wish me ill.

I sound like my situation is dire. It is not. I revel in the love that has come into my life and am thankful for it. I'm not sure why I deserve it, and I strive to not take it for granted.

And on a much lighter note:
  • James Lee Burke is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. The man can spin a tale, he writes about cops and bad guys, his books are set in Louisiana, and his language is poetic and gorgeous. I'm currently reading Tin Roof Blowdown, and loving it. It's a love letter to New Orleans if I ever read one.
  • I was underwhelmed by the Heroes premier this week. Granted, I did watch it this morning while emailing back and forth with a crazy person at Evil, Inc. before 7 a.m., but I just didn't find myself impressed. I do love Kristin Bell's character, Elle. I'll keep watching for her. I miss Veronica Mars. My least favorite part of the premier: Suresh's voice-overs. Someone's superpower hopefully is making him shut up in episode 2.
  • Speaking of Evil, Inc.: my boss spelled my 4-letter long name wrong today in two emails; I was accused of purposefully preventing children in Alabama from learning; and I tried to squeeze a $150K budget into a $40K package for my boss (I got to $50K). 2Rays didn't suggest charging for getting anyone off today, though, so we had that going for us.


2raysmama said...

Hey, I was too busy helping the AL kiddos learn to focus on the hookers today. And, for the record, I think that extra income coulda helped with your budget crisis.

Marlo said...

I usually sound crazy on a first reading...

I gave up watching heroes just before the finale for season 1. I haven't heard anything that would win me back. It seems like Lost. Something that should have been cool, but ultimately decided to just blah blah blah and not go anywhere.

So, inquiring minds want to know, are you going to go all Angel and take down Evil, Inc from the inside?

justaJ0e said...

I kinda agree with marlo on "Heroes".

I do have the DVR set to record the premiere (2nd time around) but by about 1/3 through the 2nd season I found myself thinking that each episode could make a really intriguing half hour show. Just too much repetitive monologuing and way to much screen time given to "Soap Opera-esque", pensive glances.

Hero has a lot of things going for it but somehow it falls just sort of the mark and hovers in my "I'll give this just one more episode" zone.

Oh, and I vote for the "going all Angel" thing. :)

EssBee said...

The Angel thing is an interesting idea . . . is it a problem that I can barely keep my eyes open past 10 p.m.?

I really love Lost, but hear you both on Heroes. They are testing my patience.

2rays - I think you've just solved our budget crisis.