Monday, September 22, 2008

TV Decisions and Sharing Good Stuff

The end of September is always fun for me - although it's always also full of tough choices to make. Tonight, for example, Heroes is messing with my Sarah Conner. I'll have to get the latter on iTunes tomorrow or something. Here are a few other thoughts:
  • The Cho Show in VH1 is outstanding. Margaret is a funny, funny bitch, and everyone should watch this show -- well, not people who can't stand funny chicks who don't apologize for their sexuality, but everyone else.
  • I'm still not sold on Fringe, but I think I like it ok. I can't decide if my liking it is because it reminds me of when the X-Files was good, or because Lance Reddick is a recurring co-star.
  • True Blood is excellent! I've heard lots of criticism of the show, but I love the books, and I love the show. My favorite character is Tara, and I like her more on the show than I did in the books.
  • Entourage seems to be back funnier than ever. Is Drama not hilarious?
  • I love The Shield, but man it's rough. This show is not for the faint of heart.
  • I'm worried about Eureka. We loved the first two seasons, but are finding season 3 pretty disappointing so far. I think they're just trying to do too much. They need to choose if they want to be a drama or a comedy and stick to it.
  • We're almost caught up with Mad Men. I'm into it now. As my buddy has been telling me of late, it's a great reminder about how we grew up, exposed to casual alcoholism and chain smoking. Nobody watching this show should wonder why people in their late 30s & early 40s today have addiction issues above and beyond any other generation of Americans. We grew up mixing drinks for our parents (a lot of us, not all of us) before we could tie our own shoes.
  • I love The Cleaner. Benjamin Bratt is dreamy.
  • I am relieved that Weeds is over. I didn't enjoy this season at all, and won't be watching any more of it.
  • Starting up soon: LOST! Dexter! Californication! It's the most wonderful time of the year.


justaJ0e said...

I had to give up on Eureka durring the first season. It had absolutely all of the ingredients of a great show but for me ... they just never came together.
Probably the real deal-breaker was that the show couldn't seem to decide if it was a sit-com, serious sci-fi or an X-files type mysterious thing. I had trouble with "horrific deaths of their neighbors followed closely by scenes that could have had laugh tracks placed behind them".
I guess I'm just funny that way.

On a completely unrelated thought.
here is a link to a fun, FREE, steam-punk(?) web comic


EssBee said...

Awesome, JOe, thanks! I'll check out girlgenius! Love your new blog, brother.