Thursday, September 04, 2008

Irony, Scary Shit, and Questions

I'm working on a post that details how flabbergasting it is that Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter being knocked up is becoming a wonderful conservative symbol. I mean, I get it: thank God they aren't going to KILL THAT BABY. But, damn, I don't get it.

I'm watching John McCain give his acceptance speech tonight -- looks like some protesters got in. "McCain Votes Against VETS." Every time he disrupts them, the white, white crowd chants "USA, USA, USA" like a bunch of zombies from hell.

I can't believe he just called Barbara Bush a "bride."

What I'm really wrapping my mind around today is something Sly B said last night: as crazy as I think almost everything McCain says is, there are tons of people -- half of this country -- who agree with the son of a bitch. Half of this country thinks that Obama is a nut job.

Oooh, Code Pink got in too! I wonder if the dudes hauling them out are Secret Service or just angry white delegates. Maybe from Alaska.

Oooh, there's the knocked up daughter, grasping the hand of the statutory ra . . . er, baby daddy. That is touching.

So am I part of the "Country Second" crowd? Or just the Angry Left? I think I'm too non-maverick to be able to tell the difference.

What if McCain wins this fucking election, though? That's some shit.

Bah! "Peace Through Strength." Really?

"A culture of life." Really?

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