Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Games Magazine

My sister to the NorthWest gave me the gift of a subscription to Games Magazine for my birthday this year. Add another notch in my geek bedpost.

This is a fun mag if you like sudoku, crosswords, word finds, trivia, wordplay, and other number puzzles that I'm not so sure I'm smart enough to even attempt.

I spent a good amount of time this morning trying to wrap my head around one of the hardest crosswords I've ever seen. This is how to keep your geek busy for litralee hours, yo.

I'm gonna give this rag 9 out of 10 nipples after a short amount of time with it, and give J up and to the left a big thank you for the great gift.

I worked 11 hours today, so I'm spent. Sly B is on her way with Chipotle, so I'll be content in T-minus 3 minutes. Have a great night, y'all.

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