Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Morning Random

I'm up a lot earlier than I need to be for a Sunday, just thinking and feeling thankful. I don't have a solid thought in my head, but am interested in a few things this morning, pre-coffee:
  • We have caught a few snippets of the Olympics. I love the Olympics.
  • We tried to watch Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother, and have decided to send the DVDs back to Netflix largely unwatched. It wants to be Friends, but isn't funny enough. Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious on the show as Barney, but as a whole the show stinks. What I dislike most about it is the laugh track. It's kinda painful.
  • I finished up Season 1 of LOST. I LOVE it. I am going to run through the special features provided and then catch up with Mad Men (I think without Sly B's company) before I jump into Season 2.
  • I'm reading Definitely Dead still, which is Book 6 of the Sookie series by Charlaine Harris. I'm into it. Sookie is riding a hot tiger, which you won't get unless you've read the books. I have one more novel and an audiobook left before I'm caught up to Sly B.
  • I'm listening to Lord of Chaos, which I mentioned earlier is Book 6 of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I must have really allowed my mind to wander while reading it the first time because I am learning a lot of significant stuff this go-round!
  • I wish that Sly B and I lived just next door. We're thinking about you, J.

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