Monday, August 11, 2008

First Red Tomatoes

8/11/08, 6 p.m., MST.

We think these are of the Goliath Hybrid variety, from two different plants in the yard.

Oh, red tomatoes, I'm gonna eat ya.


Sly B said...
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Sly B said...

This past week, aside from our first two red tomatoes, the only thing that has brought a similar look of blissful joy to EssBee's face is when she is geeking out with the Deadpan community. After all, it is the motherfucking way.

EssBee said...

We've decided that these were actually Beefsteak, not Goliath Hybrid. The Goliaths are almost red. We've also got some Romas ready to eat once some of the mud out there dries.