Wednesday, August 06, 2008

About Nothing

It's a stormy night in Colorado, which I like. I enjoy the smell of the rain and the thunder (even though it scares my normally fearless cat Gertrude). We had to cut our walk short tonight because the tornado sirens were going off.

Sly B and I are watching How I Met Your Mother Season 1 on DVD. We can't decide if we even really like the show, but Neil Patrick Harris' Barney is pretty hilarious. "Suit up!" "Legendary!"

I'm still watching Season 1 of LOST. I have two episodes left. I'm really, really enjoying this re-watch. I missed a lot the first go-round. Next up, Season 2, which I didn't watch.

Also on the TV front, I have Season 1 of Mad Men on my iPod. I'm also DVRing Season 2. When are we going to watch it? No idea.

Okay. Enough for the boring diary blogging. Night all.

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