Thursday, July 24, 2008

Space Beer

I've been patiently waiting for EssBee to write a review about a beer we had the pleasure of sampling in Albuquerque recently. I have a feeling she hasn't written about it because she is still very sad that she was unable to imbibe during our vacation, so her enjoyment of the beer was a couple sips. The beer in question is called Comet's Tail Amber Ale. It is brewed by Microgravity Enterprises - a new company that makes Space2O and Antimatter Energy Drink. They actually fly ingredients into space and then add them to their drinks. This is the same with Comet's Tail (I can't remember if it's the yeast or hops that goes to space...). I have to admit that I had low expectations for the beer. I'm not sure why, but I did. After the 1st glass, I was so happy that EssBee has taught me to love the stuff. I had a second glass and then a third. I'm not a beer expert and am just learning to appreciate the subtleties of various brews. What I can say about this one is that it tasted great - to the malty side (which I prefer). [Perhaps EssBee will give her more official review of the beer in comments??] I had to have a third glass to make the enjoyment last (it was lunch, or perhaps I could have had fourth). I highly suggest this one! The only problem is that it is only available in kegs and only at Kelly's Brew Pub in Albuquerque. I was so glad we had to go to Kelly's because along with the beer, EssBee and I experienced the most amazing green chili cheese fries on the face of the planet. We LOVE Albuquerque for so many reasons. Kelly's and Comet's Tail gave us two more reasons to head back to ABQ very soon!

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EssBee said...

Sorry, love. We had that little life esplode happen, but now things are good. You did a great job of reviewing the beer. From the 2 sips I had, it was yum, yum, yum.

I wrote down the specs of the beer on a receipt, but damn if I can find it. I believe it was a mid-range hoppy, high malty brew with a fairly decent alcohol content (in the 5s). Sly B had a buzz on after 3 (minus my sips, boo), but wasn't drunk.

I give the beer 4 out of 5 (witholding 1 point out of sadness because I didn't get to drink loads of it) nipples.