Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The one where I rant a little

After two very intense work days/nights, I woke up truly exhausted this morning. When I opened my eyes, I realized that my head is totally pounding this morning.

I don't understand why people are 1) so willing to throw other people under the bus to get ahead, and 2) so unafraid to speak on topics that they don't understand. I just spend all day yesterday in a meeting where someone who is not an expert in our field presumed to tell people who are experts in the field how best to do their jobs. The same non-expert was pretty much responsible for a somewhat sucky boss leaving a few months ago. S.S. boss joined some of us for dinner last night, and I had to tell non-expert not to come. That wasn't obvious for her.

So today I go in again, thankfully no meetings on the docket. I am tired, yo. I am ready for a vacation. I'm sure the notes from the meeting will come out and will piss me off.

Okay, now to figure out why I have this headache . . .

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