Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wish I Could Focus

I have been sort of off of my game here. I wish I could focus on one thing and write a nice long post. Instead, I have about 100 things to say. I've been working too many hours, and doing way too much multitasking to slow my brain down, I guess. I'll say some of the 100 things here:
  • Connie, the assistant prosecutor on Law & Order, is hot. Neither Sly B nor I liked her at first, but now, we <3 her.
  • I really dislike Ewan McGregor's acting. He's yucky - especially when he sings.
  • Portly Dyke wrote an interesting bit on queer PDA. I recommend all my straight brothers and sisters check it out. I've been thinking a lot about it of late. Sly B and I celebrate our 9th illegal gay anniversary on Monday, and it's interesting/heartbreaking/infuriating to think that the number of times we have been affectionate with each other in public could be counted on one hand. As a queer girl who really got my 20s shit together in Fort Collins, CO where and when Matthew Shepard died in the hospital, I am pretty embarrassed to admit this. Portly Dyke has it right, though. I encourage everyone to check it out.
  • I am 100% over white feminists. I am a white feminist, mind you, but I mean the White Feminists. These elitist hags need to get over themselves. Stop it. (I feel in my gut that I have more to say here, but . . . can't . . . focus . . .)

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