Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just can't focus on one thing

  • My company has finally gone completely batshit crazy. Today was the last day for a boss that I wasn't entirely unhappy to see go, even thought it was sad to see her go. There's big news coming down tomorrow . The bosses make big announcements but forget how to communicate with humans.
  • We're watching as I type this The Empire Strikes Back. Princess Leah is such a nag.
  • A solid friend told me that I have good coping skills recently. Considering the source, it was quite a compliment. I'm still thinking about it and wondering if I agree. I have managed to stay alive these 37 years, which is something.
  • We finished Six Feet Under last week, and we both thought the last was the most boring season. Claire is hot, but boring. David and Keith are sweet, but bo-ring. Ruth is quirky and fun, but bo-o-o-ring.
  • A husband/wife couple starts a business. A workmate of the wife at my jackass company says over and over again, "she's leaving us to go help her husband with his company." Feminists who've gone before us: be proud at how far we've come.
  • The douchebag/non-douchebag ratio at the job continues to tip in favor of the douchebags.

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