Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Random

  • BSG is frakkin' awesome. Last week's episode was dark! I think that everyone should watch this show. I am, unlike everone else on the internet, keeping my theories to myself for now. I don't know who the final Cylon is. I don't know what's up with Starbuck. I'll tell you one thing, though: I can't wait to find out.
  • I'm reading Charlaine Harris' second Southern Vampire Series novel, Living Dead in Dallas. These are very fun and very cute books. They're being turned into a HBO series this fall that I'm looking forward to. I'd recommend these books to anyone who doesn't mind a little cheese and a little romance. These books fall into the fairly new paranormal investigation genre.
  • I love the fact that friends are asking if I'm okay because I've been laying low lately - wow, thanks for caring, yo. I'm okay, and getting even better by the minute. I didn't even realize it, but I disappeared for awhile. I missed blogging, and stopped going to Twitter. I'm back. I'm good.
  • Tomorrow will be a difficult work day. A boss that has been not good, but also close, is leaving.
  • We had a very fantastic time with our niece and nephew from Texas over the weekend. Wish they lived closer so we could see them more.
  • This weekend - niece Zoe is turning 6. That makes me, let's see . . . carry the one . . . OLD. She got her hair cut so she'd look like Posh Spice.

I'm going to get back to posting on a more regular basis. Crazy non-internet time over.

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