Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Infected!

This is me, empty handed, leaving the Longmont, CO Borders shop this morning. Those bastards did not have Infected unpacked and on the shelves. The rude clerk, who didn't like me one bit, told me that she couldn't guarantee that the books would be unpacked "even by tonight" because she was so busy.

We'll see about that. This original junkie is going back to that frackin' store after work, and getting my book. Oh yes, I will have the book today.


EssBee said...

Okay, you fuckers at Longmont Borders: I no longer shop at your establishment. I went again at 6 p.m., EIGHT HOURS LATER, and they still did not have the book out on the shelves. I was given the options of 1) reserving a copy for tomorrow, or 2) coming back "later." I chose 3) come the fuck home and order from amazon.com.

I am now Infected for the real.

2raysmama said...

Bastards! My audio version, with 22 pages of scenes not included in the podcast or print version, was in my mailbox last night. Amazon rocks, Borders Longmont does not.

EssBee said...

Doh! So where's the picture? I must see these 22 pages of scenes.