Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Joe Was a Mensch

It's been a stressful day. Sly B headed South early, early this morning. Work = dealing with douchebags. Longmont Borders = more douchebags. I just realized that I'm grouchy, and have absolutely no reason to be.

Listening to the Joe Murphy memorial podcast this morning made me realize something. It is so easy to get absorbed in our own drama. It is easy, and it is silly. Jack Mangan's "I remember Joe" memory was that when Joe found out he was sick, he answered Jack's "What are you going to do" question with "Complain less." I want to take Jack's/Joe's advice tonight, and complain less. How to be a mensch? Listen to Joe.

Here are the things that I am grateful for right now, at this moment: Sly B, always; that we have the privilege of being able to afford Sly B's trip to be with her family right now; a kitty purring behind me on the couch, and serving as a nice neck pillow; O'Dell's Levity Ale; BSG Razor on DVD; the opportunity to spend time with our parents, and enjoy their company; my gainful employment and my handful of solid, kick-ass workmates; this fantastic icepack from my chiropractor; 2raysmama and IronicPink; and a bookshelf full of things to read when I finish this DVD.

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