Monday, March 03, 2008

More Random

  • I am rewarding myself with a lovely 90 Schilling Ale for surviving this work Monday without telling one or more of my bosses to suck it today. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. That's good.
  • I finished Astonishing X-Men Volume 3: Torn, by Mr. Joss (da Boss) Whedon the other day. It was fantastic. I am so good at reading comics now, my mother (if she understood that I have a 12 year old boy trapped within my busty body) would be so proud. These X-Men collections are really exciting, and the cliff-hangers are real nail-biters.
  • Sly B's real Australian gift arrived (thank you 2RaysMama) today. I am so freakin' excited for her to get home and see it. By request, here is a photo of the accidental Legend of Dragoon gift that arrived instead when I first ordered the real thing way back in January. We have grown to love this little guy, here seen striking a pose next to my 1/4 full glass of ale.
  • My buddy told me the other day that one of the folks I work with asked if I was married. For you straight folks: do you ever get mistaken for gay? What do you do? For my mo brothers and sisters: do you get mistaken for straight? What do you do?
Okay, enough for tonight. I'm ready for my dinner, maybe another ale, and my Octavia Butler book. Bachelor night, yo.


2raysmama said...

My great haircut and keen fashion sense often lead folks to mistake me for one of your mo sisters.
How I would handle it depends on the situation. Is the person mistaking me for gay offering to buy me a drink?
You never addressed how you dealt with being accused of having a husband.

EssBee said...

2rays: That person is not offering you a drink. They are just making an assumption without wanting to take you home. Discuss.

I haven't dealt with this particular instance of being accused of having a husband. I'm not sure what to do, in all honesty. For one thing, I want to be totally out. I think being in the closet is SO 1990. For another, Sly B is way cooler than any stupid husband I could come up with, and it's disrespectful to her to let this workmate assume that I'm straight.

So should I say something?

I imagine that this particular workmate didn't have any agenda (besides nosiness) by asking her question. I also imagine that other of my workmates will out me at some point. If she wants to know my story, she'll keep asking, and there are very few people who've known me post-1989 who don't know I'm a raging mo.

You tell me -- what should I do? I did come home and watch The L Word with my girl. If that's non-husband-having, I don't know what is.

Sly B said...

I get mistaken for a straight girl all the time. I did go through a phase when I wore dresses and combat boots (with unshaven, hairy, hairy legs)...when people thought I was a freak, but I'm not sure that is guessing I'm queer (or perhaps it's the exact same thing). I get asked all the time about my husband..or, "Are you married?" My reply is always the same; something along the lines of, "Do you need to know my life story? What business is it of yours c@#k sucker?" ... wait, that's what my grandpa would say. I actually tell people I am as married as the law will allow and tell them how many years I've been with my gal. I even came out to my Mariachi instructor and he said, "So?"

2raysmama said...

First off, plenty of chicks would want to take me home. Let's just establish that now.

Second, I think going to correct your coworker would be a bit bizarre. Instead, you could feign interest in her weekend one Monday morning. And we she politely responds with, "and what did you do?" Well, then you can enter into your description of a weekend spent debating Buffy's sexuality and watching 17 hours of The L Word with Sly B.

If she still doesn't get it I will draw her a picture. But let's all agree, that should be a last resort.

EssBee said...

2rays: I have no doubt that plenty of chicks would take you home. That great haircut of yours is a babe magnet, no doubt about it.

I will try the direct approach with this coworker if she ever asks me a personal question. I think you're right, and I think Sly B gives a great example in her talk w/ her Mariachi instructor.

Dani in NC said...

Maybe I am misunderstanding the situation -- it could be a "you had to be there" thing. All I know is that I get those kinds of questions on jobs all the time and it doesn't bother me much. I've always worked in predominantly female offices, and they always want to know about your husband and your kids. I tend not to mention that I am married with four kids up front because then that is ALL they want to talk about. I love my family but I'd like to talk about other stuff, too.

As for being mistaken for gay, it happened a lot more when I was younger, thinner, and mistakenly dressed in the local lesbian uniform :-). The fact that I usually go to concerts with my best friend rather than my husband added to the misconception. It has happened a lot less now that I'm a mom. Not sure why.