Monday, February 18, 2008

TV Stuff

It's a holiday for me today, so I'm home alone catching up on some TV, housework, and laundry. I just have a few TV thoughts:
  • I tried to get into the new HBO series In Treatment. I found it really dull and decided that it's not for me.
  • I still like The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it could be a lot better. The writing isn't great, and the lead actor isn't great, but it's still fun to watch Summer Glau.
  • The Wire episode last night was amazing. The entire series is coming together for me. I think the basic message -- or one of them -- is that when it comes right down to it, there aren't many choices for any of us. A cop can be honest or dishonest; a project kid can work the corner or stay in school; a reporter can work his beat or make it all up; a politician can try to help or steal; a parent can be present or absent; etc. What a fantastic show.

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