Friday, February 15, 2008

Romance is not Dead!

I proclaim that for V Day 2008 EssBee & SlyB will win hands-down for the most romantical day in the history of time.

It all began with SlyB making EssBee gag repeatedly (to the point of watery eyes) while SlyB blew her nose and began hacking out large quantities of mocos from previously packed sinuses into her mouth and down her throat. (You know you gagged a little just reading that too, didn't you?) Yes, I know I'm hot - so is my snot.

The day ended with EssBee taking another woman to dinner AND then "hanging out" with said woman in her hotel room for leisurely drinks.

Come on, victims of chocolates and flowers; you know you're jealous!

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EssBee said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw yeah . . .