Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Thoughts and Irritations

Sly B and I had a great weekend with her family. Some of my favorite parts of the weekend:
  • Dinky the dog and his fabulous sweaters
  • Sly B's Auntie asking if I had big ole inflated boobs, the answer to which is absolutely "yes"
  • Posole for breakfast
  • Christmas empanadas to bring home
  • Being treated equal to all the other couples there -- it was a rare space with zero heteronormativity and was fabulous. I want that all the time, everywhere
Then we came home and had to go to work today. Some of the things that have me pretty, pretttttty, preeeeeetttttttyyyy good and irritated tonight:
  • Superdelegates. What the fuck is a superdelegate, and why do their votes weigh more than ours? This is the part of party politics that really burns my ass
  • A transgender second grader in Denver has a bunch of parents all panty-wadded. Message to Dave M.: Dude, these are 6 year olds. Look me in the eye and tell me you aren't thinking of anal sex when you panic over this issue. Who's the perv?
  • A silly twit at work intends to micromanage me
It's my home alone Monday, and I've got some stuff to check out on the DVR tonight. I'm going to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Lost (even though I know those bastards time it so the last 2 minutes are cut off for DVR recorders -- do you fart knockers really think that'll make us watch it live???), and maybe another episode of my newest d.o.c., Celebrity Rehab.

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