Wednesday, February 06, 2008

For What It's Worth

In our tiny precinct last night, the results were: Obama - 10, Clinton - 7. We couldn't get a sense of how the other precincts went, but we noticed what I thought was a pretty equal number of both Obama and Clinton stickers on sweaters around the room. When we were leaving, a small precinct meeting next to ours had gone Clinton. From what the Boulder Dems superchair had to say, it was a huge turnout for our district. I didn't recognize more than one of our neighbors, but our neighborhood is pretty closed-door, and wave-only-if-you-accidentally-make-eye-contact, so the guy next door could have been there without my knowing it. We have a few vacant houses on our block alone, and lots of Mexican nationals who didn't show up to rock the vote -- they could, of course, be Republicans, but they seem smarter than that so I'm assuming they just skipped the caucus.

The local news is saying that Obama bested Clinton 2 to 1 with 60% of the vote in, and that Romney spanked McCain.

The caucus process is interesting. Sly B pointed out that it was two white men who stumped for the candidates. I'll add that it was two unprepared, quasi-liberal, Boulder-type, white men who stumped for the candidates. When it came time to talk party platform, I noticed that gay marriage wasn't on the list to be considered. No big surprise there.


Sly B said...

It's pretty exciting that this election has people participating more actively in the process than ever before (including EssBee and I). We spoke with several people at the caucus who had never caucused before, but all felt it was too important to pass up. My coworker's precinct caucused at a local middle school and he said at the last caucus his precinct had 10 people show up - last night there were 105.

My comment on the two guys that "represented" each candidate - one spent his 2 minutes talking about himself and the other filled his 2 minutes explaining that he's voting for Hillary Clinton because she's married to Bill Clinton. Luckily, it seemed most people went to the caucus with clear ideas about for whom they would be voting. It was an interesting experience, but our precinct captain was so obviously unprepared that she was as clueless as all of us there (not her fault). I have a feeling that if we ever caucus again (hopefully, we'll have exciting candidates in the future and therefor a reason to participate) it'll still be like the first time.

EssBee said...

More "For What It's Worth." In Boulder County last night, 17,910 Democrats and 3,485 Republicans showed up to caucus.