Monday, January 14, 2008

TV Mini-Review: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Sly B and I took the time out last night to catch the first half of the premier of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which continues tonight. We watched it mainly because Firefly's Summer Glau plays one of the main characters in the show.

My impression of the show is that it's pretty fun. I was never a big fan of the films, and haven't even seen T3 yet (and why not?? Kristanna Loken . . . hello . . . ). Summer kicks both literal and figurative ass, and the story seems interesting and attention-holding.

I avow here and now not to get too excited because this show is on Fox, and we know what they do with good SciFi. If the show is good, they'll probably cancel it or force them to run it out of order. If it's bad, they'll keep it on for 12 seasons.

I give the premier 3 out of 5 cautiously optimistic nipples.

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