Thursday, January 31, 2008


There is a Buddhist concept of peace that every once and awhile, I almost grasp. I don't mean that I am at peace, or that I experience peace, but that I get flashes of understanding the concept of peace from time to time. My drive home this evening was one of those times.

Those of us lucky enough to live on the Front Range in Colorado, work 8-5 jobs, and drive home to the West have THE BEST view on Earth for about 5 weeks during exactly this time of year. At around 5 o'clock or so, the sun is just below the lowest of the peaks, and there is a glow from behind the Rockies that kind of lights up the entire landscape. I'm sure I'm not doing it justice. It's an amazing sight. Tonight, there's a lot of snow on those hills, and the view was just amazing. I wish I'd had a camera so I could have shared it.


AthenaMuze said...

Amen to dat! Hey, I stumbled on your blog because of BBtL and happened to notice you talking about my favorite place on earth (lucky I happen to live there). I also notice both of you talking about some of my favorite books and my fav actor. I just wanted to pop a note here to say hi!

-Kim (a producer for Buffy Between the Lines)

EssBee said...

Hey Kim,


Who's your favorite actor?

I love BBtL -- great job.