Monday, December 10, 2007

It May Very Well Be My Fault

What I am about to say can be said on almost any day.

There is an amazing post on Bitch Ph.D. today about Dan Savage's current heated debate with some fat bloggers that I have quickly grown to dig. You can read more about that debate here. If you can stomach it, read the comments to that post to get a flavor of what some of Dan's fans (and I generally enjoy Dan Savage, personally) are saying.

What's amazing about M. Leblanc's post is her articulation of the "I was born this way" argument and it's shortcomings. She says it a lot better than I do, so go there and read it. Yeah, what she said.

As a queer person, I've never respected the "it's not my fault, it's genetic" argument for gay acceptance. I can go either way, really, in terms of my sexual partner's plumbing. My preference really lies in how much bullshit I am willing to deal with on a non-sexual level, and I have found that the bullshit meter in the women I connect with sexually to be much lower than that of the men I tend to go there with. I was not born this way, y'all. It took loads and loads of feminist philosophy and politics to get here. I am not, furthermore, apologizing to anyone for finding my pleasure where it lives. Sly B has very good girl parts. You should be jealous of me for knowing that. Never will I tell you it's not my fault for knowing that.

As a fat person, what I said above. Get over it, and if you're waiting for me to tell you that I can't help it, stop it.

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