Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am struggling with some serious apathy about the Presidential race. I'll obviously throw my vote to the Democratic or Green candidate over Giuliani, Thompson, or Romney (though I will never be convinced of the fact that it actually sways dick). I'm not apathetic enough to abstain from voting, but I just can't muster even some good thoughts in the direction of any of the major candidates on the blue field.

When the Democratic primary comes around, I will throw my swayless vote behind Kucinich if he is still in the race. As for the others, I basically feel pissed that they are all the same and not that different from the red field. I find Obama exciting, but can't get behind his middle-of-the-road stuff on gay rights, his stance on Israel, or his reluctance to say he'd get us out of the quagmires in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. Hillary Clinton is also exciting, but ditto, ditto, ditto to what I said about Obama (though I'm with Katha Pollitt -- if the misogyny doesn't stop, you'll find me campaigning for Clinton).

Am I wrong to feel this way?

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