Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I Love Today

  • Sly B for her burning-a-bridge fantasy, which brings my list of why I love her to about 4,397 reasons. She's got my back.
  • Big Love -- it just keeps getting better and better. Is Chloe Sevigny not hot? Is Bill just becoming a gangster? Are Bill and Barb's 2 older kids not the most messed up teenagers ever?
  • Geeks! I just listened to a Kick Ass Mystic Ninja's episode from last year 1) to hear Joe's voice, 2) because I have a mad crush on Summer Brooks, and 3) to learn more about Battlestar Galactica. Did you know that the original Galactica was written by a hard core Mormon, and is based on LDS mythology? I'm working on learning more about this, you can bet.
  • Ani DiFranco's old dykey folk stuff. I'm just in the mood today.
What are you guys into today?


Sly B said...

Today I love the nights getting colder with that sweet smell of autumn creeping in already. Autumn is the best season. Especially cuz it means Halloween is getting closer. I also think the Closer is the best show on television right at this moment. Love it! And finally, I'm loving the book I just started - "Mosquito" by Gayle Jones. I attempted to start this novel about 5 times and it was just a rumble of words. This time around, it's speaking right to my heart and I'm swimming in Jones' flow. I have a feeling I'm going to gush about the book once I'm done.

EssBee said...

I didn't have time/energy to post today, so I'll add a few things from today:

-The HUGE pallet of pellets in our 1/2 garage. It looks so funny.

-Our screamin' kitty Crucita.

-Old friends coming back into my life, and current ones sticking with me as I deal with my work shit.

-Widespread Panic.

2raysmama said...

Let's see, I love watching my babies sleep, mostly because they are ultra cute and also because if they are sleeping, then by definition, they are not crying, pooping or causing physical/psychological injury to any family pets.

I love Mountain Dew, as it keeps me somewhat coherent in the morning hours.

I have to add a clean bathroom, the floor in there is positively shiney (in both the real sense and the whedonesque) right now.

I also love peppermint schnapps, it takes the edge off in time for bedtime. And I comfort myself with the thought that that my kids only think I have been dipping into the candy cane stash, cut to 20 years later in the therapist's office "Mama always smelled like candy". Yeah, Mama did.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Sinner. An album that references No Child Left Behind and bondage. Now that is entertainment.