Saturday, August 18, 2007

Victory Brewing Company

I think I might be the only beer lover who reads this blog, but just in case, I thought I'd start sharing my explorations into craft beers with everyone. I'll start with what I'm currently tasting. I had a really, really bad day at work on Thursday. I left a meeting feeling horrible, and decided to treat myself to something new and fun, so stopped at one of the great LQ stores here in Longmont to see what I could find that's new (to me). I found a taster 12-pack of Victory Brewing Company brews called Taste Victory. The box has 4 bottles each of 3 of Victory's signature, award winning, brews:
  • Golden Monkey is a Belgian style beer, one of my least favorite styles. It's fruity and sweet, and just not my thing. Sly B didn't mind it, in her non-beer-loving way.
  • Prima Pils is their Pilsner style. It's a pale lager with more hops than you'll find in your standard Pilsner. I like it well enough.
  • Hop Devil is their India Pale Ale (IPA) style beer. IPAs are responsible for most of my girlish figure, so I like to brag that I know a good one when I find it. I just love the hoppy bitterness that you get at the back of your tongue with a good IPA. To me, it's like a slap on the ass that says, "drink me cold, you big queer!" Hop Devil ain't bad, but doesn't make it into my top 3. Would I drink it again? Yes. Would I seek it out again at the LQ? Probably not.
The Taste Victory box was $15. The labels on the 3 different beers are all neat and artsy, just like a good craft beer label should be.

I haven't yet developed my own personal beer-rating scale as of yet, so I'll go ahead and give the entire package a 5 out of 10, admitting that Golden Monkey drags this set down. If it had been a lone 6-pack of either Prima Pils or Hop Devil, we'd be sitting at a solid 7.5.

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