Monday, August 13, 2007

Pleasant Surprises in Viewing

Sly B and I watched a DVD last night that I was almost sure were were going to hate, and send back to Netflix after watching only about 10-15 minutes. We were pleasantly surprised!

The film was Jersey Girl, which is a Kevin Smith project. I usually like Smith's movies, but don't like Ben Affleck, who stars. I expected a lame romantic comedy with bad acting. I got a pretty sweet story about a guy who has to be hit over the head to get his priorities in order. Affleck sucked, as usual, but the rest of the cast of the movie was really great. Liv Tyler and George Carlin were particularly good, as was the young actress who played the title character.

I would recommend this one as a popcorn movie that doesn't require a lot of thought.

We also received Hotel Rwanda and Maria Full of Grace from Netflix over the weekend. We didn't have the energy or emotional fortitude required to get into either one of those.

Tonight - Big Love!

We'll also watch, or at least record, the season finale of John from Cincinnati. Joss Whedon's little bro Zack wrote the episode, so I'll donate my 50 minutes to the cause even though I'm just not impressed with this series at all.

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