Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Book Recommendation - Bitten

It took me around 150 pages to care about the characters in this Kelley Armstrong "Otherworld" series book. I almost put it down a few times, but sure am glad that I decided to stick with it.

Bitten, Armstrong's first book, is about a pack of werewolves defending their territory told from the perspective of Elena, the world's only female werewolf. I won't give away the plot of the book, but will tell you that it's a quick read, and pretty exciting. It has a splash of romance, but even I didn't mind it too much.

It's not the best novel I've ever read by a long stretch, but was a good story with a pretty kick-ass protagonist. It's fun to see a female hero who is allowed a voice -- actually THE voice -- in the story. The first-person narrative style of the book is not my favorite. It's actually my least favorite style. But I think Armstrong is a great story teller.

I first heard about Armstrong in a Joe Murphy book review on Wingin' It. I miss Joe, and probably primarily stuck with this book through those first 150 pages because he loved it and recommended it. As always, he didn't steer me wrong. Also, Riotrant loaned me the book, and I knew if she got through it and liked it, I would.

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Riotrant said...

I think Armstrong's take on Vampire, wolves, witches, etc. is interesting. The series is a bit different, but thus far, the books are good, quick reads.

I've skipped around in the series...and am reading Dime Store Magic now. I like the story arc, the protagonist and the characterization much better. Less Harlequin romance...more whodunnit. Also--this protagonist is a little less goody-goody.

I'm also going to recommend another book while I'm on the subject. Its in the same vein and called Nightwatch. My brother turned me onto it. Its a translation of a Russian novel...and if you can stick out the first few pages of horribly translated prose, then the story is well worth it. Main premise: Others exist within our universe. Most of us don't know that they exist. The Others fall into several groups--Nightwatch--those who keep track of the 'dark' and the Daywatch--those who keep track of the 'light'. There are rogue Others as well--who don't claim any affiliation. Its a surprisingly complex story..especially since both good and evil overlap...and the themes of 'hope', 'god' and whatnot are irrelevent and--for the most part--aren't too saccharine-sweet. Thus far, I'm pleased with it.