Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Can't Hear You

Ranking high among the volumes of stuff that I don't understand are people who talk more than they listen. I think that if those kind of people would flip the open mouth for open ears, world peace might be possible. I talked to someone today who just started working for me. Our conversation came about because she yammered away at a customer about something she simply doesn't know very much about yet, providing erroneous information in the process. The customer called me to fact check, and there I was in the unpleasant position of apologizing because of someone else's ignorance. "Sorry, ma'am. She is a moron. Don't listen to anything she says." So I call the new employee, who thanks me for clarifying, and tells me, AND I QUOTE, "you are a peach!"


I can't do anything but laugh. I really can't.

It's like Ani says: "And I try to laugh/ At whatever life brings/ Cuz when I look down/ I just miss all the good stuff/ when I look up/ I just trip over things" ("As Is")

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