Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This has been a crazy kind of day, so I thought I’d list out the most annoying pet peeves from my perspective:

1. Getting a phone call in response to an email. If I wanted to speak to you, I would have called in the first place. Rule of thumb: I do not want to talk to you.

2. Getting another question instead of an answer. Example: Q: We don’t have apples today; how about oranges? A: When will you have apples?

3. People who eat in business meetings. Are you starving? Can you not wait, you nasty bastard?

4. People who give me helpful hints about doing my job better. You are not helping me.

5. Adults who baby talk. Stop that immediately.


Sly B said...

Je Je...Sorry to bust a gut at your misery, but you have me peeing in my pants. You so crazy.

EssBee said...

I thought of two more:

#6. People who overuse emoticons. It's the same as baby talk.

#7. Cram-filing. I have no tolerance for cramming as many folders into a hanging file as possible.

IronicPink said...


#1 Just because you have misplaced your keys doesn't mean you need to stomp around and slam drawers open and shut. Especially because you know that I will be forced to help you find them just to make you stop acting like a three year old who lost his ba-ba. P.S. I only help you look so I can lord it over you later.

#2 Look up the word. It is NOT pronounced "LIT'ra'LEE" and it doesn't mean figuratively.

Riotrant said...

Oooh, oooh....

In response to essbee's #3 The Worst--I'd like to expand that gripe to include people who eat in their cubicles. Please, please, if you must eat like Helen Keller...restrict yourself to food that can be slurped, slooshed or otherwise masticated quietly. If I can hear you over the Sleater-Kinney billowing from my headphones--there is a problem.

Do not make happy noises about your warm grape nuts, don't scrape every last slimey spoonful from your generic yogurt cup. And lip smacking/cleaning your teeth with your tongue/snorting or other bodily function noises are forbidden! Unless you fart--in which case you will hear me cracking up as I exit the building.

And if you are a certain manic-inclined guy, please, please, for the love of all that you hold sacred, please do not eat anything in such a way that it makes me contemplate your oral skills. On Monday's I pity your wife.

Riotrant said...

Now...that you've gotten me started...

#1 People who make air quotes to with their fingers to make a point...

#2 People who say, "Oh, Bless her/his/thier little heart"

By the way...I like cramfiling...whatcha gonna do about it? :) (emoticon)

2raysmama said...

I knew the cram-filing comment was going to be a problem for some involved. I suppose deep down I wish that warm grape nuts held the key to making me ever so happy too. Alas.