Friday, May 18, 2007

peer pressure and pressuring peers

I can take a hint. And you're right, I do really want to be a contributer. Thank you, little bird. But, be careful what you wish for, I have been composing an essay in my mind that I just might reveal. The title? "How Brian Wilson's 'Smile' compares with the art of William Blake." You'll really get the inside scoop on my weirdness. Be warned!

Why you must watch 'The Wire'
  1. I was right about Deadwood
  2. It, like Deadwood, assumes we are a very intelligent audience
  3. It is much more than a 'cop drama.' It's the tale of a city in peril, the politics, the cops, the robbers, the schools, the an unflinching and as true-to-life manner.
  4. The character are fully-formed. SlyB and Essbee both have commented about how they enjoy the complicated feelings they have developed for characters such as Tony Soprano and Seth Bullock. Are they good or evil? Can people be both? Can you have a fondness for E.B Farnum, despite the fact that he's completely repulsive? These questions are more deeply fleshed-out in the Wire. Wait until you spend a few hours with the joys that are Omar and Bubbles.
  5. We owe our attention to this fearless uncovering of the factors that lead to a cities decline. Baltimore could be any American city, and in some ways, is. In the Wire we see failing schools struggling with NCLB, we see children of poverty, we see impotent people of good will, we witness ruthless criminals, and dirty politics. We explore what it takes to kill a city, and what it might take to bring it back. We owe our attention to Baltimore.
  6. You will fall in love with each of the four boys, and they will all break your heart in different ways.
  7. Kima is smoking hot.
I stake my entire reputation as a TV watcher on this show. If you watch three more episodes, and don't end up a fan, I will eat my hat.


EssBee said...

I'm just commenting my ass off tonight.

E.B. is one of the grossest guys in the world, isn't he? Ew, ew, ew.

But you just want him to be nicer, and know that he's not all bad.

Great post, and fuckin' finally.

Sly B said...

Wow. That's one helluva first post. And, I'm convinced. I will watch the 4th season of The Wire. I have a feeling we just might get the rest from NetFlix eventually.

I really haven't seen any nice things about E.B. at all. I especially hate the way he treats the poor, slow, old nasty guy that cooks in his "so-called restaurant". E.B. makes me gag a bit. So far I haven't seen any endearing qualities about him that I've seen. Of course, I haven't seen season 3 yet.

IronicPink said...

There is one scene in particular, in season three, that you will have a glimmer of sympathy for the slug that is Farnum. He's OUR slug, not HEARST's!

Man, I miss that show. Supposedly, they are going to produce two 2-hour telemovies to conclude it.