Sunday, January 14, 2007


I have a suggestion that might keep this group going a bit longer (perhaps even improve its limp). Of course, there's no way to force participants to visit and to post, but we could change the way we do this "reading group" that would perhaps compel people to give their opinions more freely. What if we post on the books we are reading separately? Since we all read at different paces, this would keep the momentum going. It doesn't matter if we're all reading the same book - since we never did get a heated discussion going on any of the books we read. We could use it more like a venue on which to do our own book reviews based on whatever books we're reading at the time. For instance, Kris and I just finished the podcast novel Earth Core. I am currently listening to Stephen King's Lisey's Story and reading book 7 in the Wheel of Time collection. I know that everyone who signed on to this little adventure did it because they enjoy reading. This would give us the chance to continue to devour the books we like, at the pace we like, and then put our opinion of the works out there. Then, if we do end up reading the same books, we can start a discussion if we agree or disagree with what was previously posted. It might be fun to come up with our own rating system too! AND, we need to give ourselves groovy, internet aliases to really get into the spirit of making sure the world knows our opinions.

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