Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dig In

Time for a new read. I've chosen White Teeth, by Zadie Smith. I stumbled across this novel a few years ago and was captivated by the caliber of the narrative as well as the fluidity of her prose. Her characters? Yow! They are full, embodied and alive...

As with most of the novels that I've come to love, I'm interested in the Author's voice---in what kind of a statement (or perhaps non-statement), opinions and views that are conveyed through the storyline and characterization. I think you'll find that Zadie Smith delves in and invites us--as the readers--to participate in the novel. She says quite a bit without beating the reader over the head with the huge, monumental IDEOLOGY stick. Plus, you might just find yourself laughing your ass off, on occasion.

So, dig in. Enjoy!

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