Monday, November 21, 2005

Ten Things

What bugged me today:

1. Grown men who say "vaca" instead of "vacation".

2. GM is laying off 30,000 people.

3. Five pounds of junk mail.

4. Someone told me that she needs $10,000 a month salary to survive.

5. Jay Marvin.

6. Blue Cross/Blue Shield doesn't pay for "preventative" care OR for pre-existing conditions. They pretty much hope you'll die on your way to the doctor BEFORE any care has been provided.

7. Corporate sucking.

8. This headline: Bush, softly, stands firm on Iraq policy.

9. I missed Alanis' new homo-suggestive video this morning.

10. A white supremacist group wallpapered CU with flyers and chalked the sidewalks over the weekend.

I admit, I'm easily bugged . . .

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