Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Cultural Terrorist Act

In an interview with a German journal shortly after the publication of Almanac Leslie Marmon Silko says that:

"You know, when I sold Almanac to Simon & Schuster, a very conservative publisher, I sold them the first 600 pages of the manuscript when it still was a dope novel. I tricked them. If they had seen the whole thing they never would have bought it, they got tricked. The publication in the U.S. is probably by accident, they didn't understand what it was."

She goes on to say, in response to a question about whether or not the publication of the novel was a cultural terrorist act:

"That's what it was. When I finished the novel the suitcase was already on the airplane. Simon & Schuster was embarrassed by it, and there were attempts to suppress the book. The enemies in trying to attack it created great powerful allies. It was too late. Sometimes the more you try to suppress something the more you help it."

Just food for thought as we read.

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