Monday, April 23, 2012

Crossroads of Twilight

I just finished my re-read of Crossroads, book 10 of the series. It was a fast-paced one, lots of things going on:

  • Perrin is still trying to rescue Faile, and is getting sick of his cohorts a bit. He is considering an alliance with the Seanchan, thus far, a completely insane suggestion.
  • Egwene is at the edge of Tar Valon with her army, laying seige to the city.
  • Elayne is shoring up support for her claim to the Lion Throne.
  • Rand and Nynaeve have cleansed the male half of the One Power and have made everyone in the world who can channel nervous about what has happened.
  • Interesting point that I hadn't noticed before: Siuan believes that Cadsuane is Black Ajah. Hmmm . . . 
Next up: New Spring!

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