Monday, February 13, 2012

Lord Of Chaos

Perrin is back again, and on the one hand, lots of plot points are moved forward; on the other hand, lots of things are at a standstill and new stuff has been layered on. This book felt a bit like a marathon, and is typically where people who did fall off reading started to fall.
  • Dylin tells Rand that Tigrane is his mother. In this story we learn that Galad is Rand's half-brother.
  • An emissary from the Tower is sent to Salidar.
  • Taim is now in charge of the Black Tower and he has to be a Foresaken, right?
  • Morgase is captured by Pedron Niall.
  • Rand receives envoys both from the Tower and from Salidar - the Tower group assumes that rumors of a sister with Rand (actually Egwene) is Moraine who faked her death.
  • Nynaeve does the impossible in heading Logaine, Siuan, and Leanne
  • The whitecloaks culture is so much modeled on the Vatican.
  • Egwene is a BADASS. She meets her Ji e-Toh, then travels the same night to Salidar to meet her fate there.
  • Rand sends Matt to collect Elaine.
  • Instead of punishing Egwene, the rebels make her Amyrlin.
  • Sulin is HILARIOUS.
  • Rand is captured by the Tower envoy. He is tortured and driven crazy by them.
  • Matt, Elaine, and Nynaeve, along with Tom and Julen, head for Ebou Dar to deal with the weather issue by looking for the bowl of the winds.
Next up: Crown of Swords
  • Dumai Wells happens and it's a blood bath.

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