Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Fires of Heaven

I finished this volume a few weeks ago. A LOT happened in this one, despite Perrin's POV being absent.
  • Lews Therin has emerged as the voice in Rand's head. He's a nutter, too, so Rand is stuck listening to his weeping/ranting/homicidal ideas.
  • Lanfear had her eyes on the Sun Throne - I missed that on the first read.
  • Matt's medallion is proven out as a protection against channeling.
  • Min and Elaine come to terms with the fact that they both love Rand. Meanwhile, Rand plays between the sheets with Avienda.
  • Forsaken body count: Lanfear (?), Ravin, Asmodean. Moghedien is also captured by Nynaeve.
  • The rebel Aes Sedai have set up camp in Salidar, and Nynave, Min, and Elaine are there with them.
  • Biggest thing to happen: Moraine is presumed dead after taking Lanfear out through the mysterious doorway.
Next up: Lord of Chaos

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