Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random on Vacation

I have been so lax about blogging. Life is just crazy. BUT, I am ON VACATION!

A few thoughts about TV:
  • What the hell happened to LL Cool J?
  • Nurse Jackie was the best summer series, and I can't wait for it to come back.
  • We enjoy The Big Bang Theory, which we've caught up on via DVD. It's cute.
  • Warehouse 13 could have been a lot better. Eureka has gotten pretty lame.
  • We love True Blood. I think that the character of Sophie was mis-cast, but we'll see next season.
  • Being Human was very nice. I thought it was a nice, compact, complete series.
  • Torchwood and Dr. Who specials this summer were fabulous. We are totally hooked, and Sly B has a Tardis to prove it.


ditto said...

Woot! Vacation!! I'm totally jealous. :)

PS: Loving Torchwood.

PPS: Screwed up on recording Being Human. Still haven't watched. I'll have to find the DVDs.

EssBee said...

Torchwood ROCKS!

I've got the new Flash Forward on my DVR, and am also looking forward to V (Morena Baccarin . . . )