Wednesday, June 10, 2009

That's Not Very Neighborly

Sly B and I have lived in our house for nearly seven years now. We think we've improved the curb appeal significantly, are friendly to everyone we see around here (except the suspicious foot traffic headed to the neighbor dealer), and mind our own business. Even so, our neighbors to the West are awful.

They are racists, they throw loud parties in their back yard that go on often until 3 a.m., they have built their own "fire pit" which sits about 5 feet from our cedar fence that consists of a charcoal grill with the legs cut off, they mistreat each other and their 2 year old son, they smoke pot all day long with their son at home and possibly meth also, they HAD a chicken in the back yard for a few weeks before the bird got wise and flew the coop, they have explosive screaming matches on a daily basis, they are pigs - Sly B saw the man o' the house dump a pot of spaghetti over the edge of their deck when he was apparently doing dishes one day, and I could go on. Of late, they have started tossing their beer cans over the fence. Tonight when I got home, there was a BAG of cans tossed over the fence.

Now I'm a good sport. I can get along with a lot of different kinds of people most of the time. I think I'm tolerant of others and not expectant of anything special in return. But I have absolutely had it with this situation.

Sly B has a good plan to handle the conversation about the cans. She is going to ask if they've seen any kids around because we have a new batch of trash over the fence daily. All I can say is this - I envy her grace because I'm more of a mind to march over there and start cussing.

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