Saturday, May 23, 2009

You Eat What You Are

EssBee and I are no where near model-thin. Yeah, i'm that bitch that takes up two seats on "your" airlplane ride. I'm always tickled by the assumptions made about what author, professor, Indian chief, Greg Sarris, would call "powerful" women (aka fat chicks).

One of the college students who works for me (she is 5 foot nothing and weighs about 90 pounds - runs marathons for fun) asked me what EssBee and I would be doing this weekend. I informed her we'd be completing the planting of our garden. She asked, "What will you plant." I listed the majority of items for her - tomatoes, chilies, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, kale... She looked at me like she couldn't believe those things ever pass my lips. The look on her face made me think she was expecting the list to be more like this: Dortito bushes, bacon trees, and hybrid hostess cupcake vines. Mmmm...cupcakes.

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EssBee said...

Are cheese-filled pretzels root plants? Or do they grow on trees? I can't be expected to keep up my girlish figure eating only soybeans. It takes a lot of work, yo.