Friday, February 06, 2009

Putting the FUN in Funeral

I had my usual daily chat with my mom yesterday. She was stressing because she has so much debt and no job (cuz she cares for her elderly mama and could get paid if she was a stranger, but cuz she's a relative - no pay...that's a different blog post). On more piece of information you need, dear reader, is that my mom is vehemently anti-funeral. She does not believe in them and therefore does not ever attend a funeral. She is adamant that her children do not have a funeral for her when she heads out to the next great adventure. Back to the story...

Mom was saying that she felt really bad because her chidlren were going to be left with so much debt when she dies. I told her not to worry about it, but she was in a worrying state. I suggested that instead of a funeral, we should hold a fundraiser. This way, people can do whatever they need to to find closure and she will be at peace cuz we'll raise money to cover her debts. She was ok with the idea and inspired by a recent friend's attendance at a fundraiser in Denver, she agreed that her official FUNeral/fundraiser is going to be a drag show. Make no mistake. She will still not be in attendance.

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