Saturday, January 17, 2009

All Over the Place

  • As excited as I am about the Inauguration on Tuesday, I am so sad about and wounded by the selection of Rick Warren to give the invocation.
  • I am glad and grateful that 2Rays daddy is okay.
  • I will miss my friend Doug who died on Thursday night. It'd been too long since we met, brother.
  • BSG is back! I forgot how much I love that show! "Sometimes I live in the country. Sometimes I live in the town. Sometimes I get a great notion. To jump in the river and drown."


justaJ0e said...

On the Rick Warren thing -
I've been giving that more thought and have begun to see the logic in it.

By embracing those with differing opinions of his policies and by making them feel as if they may have some actual input in the process, these folks are far less likely to snipe and attack President Obama (I still enjoy typing that !) publicly.

For those motivated by power, it gives them the feeling that they are a part of the show and they may then be motivated by the fear of "loosing the ear of a U.S. President."

For those motivated by a strong desire (no mater how misguided) to change the course of our "ship of state"... they are far less likely to try and just sink it if they feel like they are on board.

The other day I saw a right wing, Bush administration, TV economic commentator, sock puppet after he and several other "fiscal conservatives" had been invited to have a sit down, private dinner with President Obama (YEA!) ... and this guy was a changed man.
He was so impressed that the now President Obama (hehehe) was truly interested in hearing their ideas and opinions on how to fix this economic disaster - to really listen to them - that he quite automatically shooting down the President and now said he was willing to reserve judgment till he saw how things worked out.

For this guy ... that was HUGE.

Pres. Obama (Yep, still like typing that!) may be even smarter then he is given credit for.

It's only day one of course ... but I think I could get used to "smart" in the leader of the free world. :)

EssBee said...

I too see the logic in the Rick Warren thing, JOe. I also see the logic in the fact that President Obama (yeah, that is nice) didn't utter the word "gay" in his very long speech yesterday. It still stings, but I'm not going to cry foul too loudly.

I think that the reason he did both things is also the reason that he is going to really make things happen. He is striking me as a very focused leader who will do what it takes to accomplish his goals. I can get behind that for awhile without too much grumbling about this issue. Just not forever.