Monday, December 08, 2008

Instead Of Calling In Gay

To the right, I have the logo for the action called A Day Without A Gay. The idea is for GLBT and allies to call in gay this Wednesday and spend the day being of service and keeping our wallets shut.

I have thought about this action a lot. I was sure that I would participate on Friday. Now, I'm sure I won't. For one thing, it's classist. People who work hourly jobs and don't get sick time are penalized for participating, or simply cannot. I'm sick of upper class white queer people dictating how things go and what the media follows. For another, my job at Evil, Inc. is horrendous. If I'm gone for a day in the middle of the week, I'll have hell to pay.

Instead of participating in the gay out, I'm going to send a postcard to Obama's transition office (about which Sly B. and I know a secret, btw, but can't tell you) urging the President Elect to keep his promises about repealing DOMA and DODT, and supporting other measures that treat GLBT people like citizens of this country. This isn't my idea - Dan Savage made me do it. If you wanna join me, here's the address:

President-elect Barack Obama

Presidential Transition Office

Kluczynski Federal Building

230 S Dearborn St, 38th Floor

Chicago, IL 60604

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