Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just A Suggestion

Dear Fellow White Queers,

Have several of you lost your minds? Are we really going to go there with this Prop 8 thing?

Black people are being spit at, called the n-word at anti 8 rallies and marches, and decried as unfair. I heard someone today say that "we" voted for Obama "for Black people." Have we learned nothing? Are Black LGBT and allies supposed to stay home as we fight this latest fight? We know better than this, and can behave better.

I am attending the national Join the Impact rally in Boulder, CO on Saturday. I won't be tolerating any racism.

That's all,



justaJ0e said...

The Bush administration was(is) an advocate of becoming like the enemy in order to defeat them. The say you have to adopt "their" brutal methods and tactics if you want to "win".

I would point out that this is the source of conflict to begin with. They want us to stop being "us" and start behaving like them.

So even if we were to eliminate all those who oppose us by behaving as they do - haven't THEY achieved their goals? Didn't we simply hand them their victory?

IMHO - Becoming what you despise is always a loss.

EssBee said...

Wise words, brother JOe.