Wednesday, August 20, 2008


  • Here are a few things you will never hear me say: "made of win", "can haz", "welcome up", "folks" (unless I am talking about my parents), and definitely not "welcome up folks". I'm sure this list will grow.
  • I am totally convinced that Evil, Inc., or The Deathstar as some prefer to call it, is run by completely incompetent men. I predict that by this time last year, I'll be working elsewhere.
  • We got a Craft Pack from JW Dundee's Brewery. Man, good beer, that. I highly recommend their APA, their IPA, and their Amber Lager. I think that Sly B preferred their Honey Brown the best.
  • My least favorite LOST character? Shannon.
  • I'm missing Sly B tonight.

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