Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mini Movie Review: Wanted

I took my mom to see Wanted during our trip in Albuquerque. I loved it; she hated it.

The film is very comic bookish, with cartoon violence and amazing effects. I loved the plot of the story: Wesley is a loser. His best friend is boinking his girlfriend and he knows about it, but it too shy to do anything about it. His boss is a giant bully who picks on him constantly. Suddenly, he learns that he was born into a secret society of assassins called The Fraternity. He is trained by Fox to follow in his father's footsteps as the #1 assassin. He gets to decide whether to "man up" or run.

I am not familiar with the book -- yet -- and loved the story even so. Angelina Jolie as Fox was simply awesome, and the humanist story and the theme that the group is always more important than the individual just did it for me. Five out of five nipples.

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