Saturday, June 28, 2008

EssBee is 37

I've survived another year. Yay, me.

Sly B hooked me up with some most excellent gifts today. I am now the proud owner of a USB microphone, a most excellent Skullcrusher Mountain t-shirt, the entire collection of Southland Tales graphic novels, three more Sookie novels, a few righteous Serenity bumper stickers, some eMusic credits and an audible credit. She also bought me a lovely sticky bun for breakfast, and fixed me linguine and clams for dinner last night. What a bday!

RR gave me the first Sandman graphic novel collection and another novel she has convinced me that I must read, and 2Rays gave me a $25 iTunes. Oh! and Sly B's mom gave me a most excellent Beavis and Butthead bottle opener. I can hardly wait to have a beer so I can hear them.

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