Monday, May 05, 2008

Thinking about TV

It's been an interesting TV Spring, following the writers' strike. Here's what's good:
  • This American Life is back on for Season 2 on Showtime - wOOt! Last night's episode is amazing. Johnny Depp = my secret husband.
  • I'm still processing the end of Season 2 of Torchwood. It was incredible, and now I'm ready to crack open Season 1 and re-watch it. I won't spoil it here for another few weeks, but what a finale!
  • BSG is amazing. I am sad because I know this half of the season is coming to a rapid close. Man, I love it. My favorite character: Tigh. It's just SO good. It's SO dark!
  • I'm digging The Tudors. I think that is such an exciting period in history, and the show is fun.

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