Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I just had one of those moments that explains so much. I've been wondering why I feel so off my game lately. I understand it now! Aside from my regular communication with two or three friends that is always positive and reciprocally caring, I experience very few moments of kindness during the workday. This is SO prevalent that I was struck by and took note of three instances of human decency today. They were:
  • My buddy that was in town on business sent me a text message from the airport that said: "It was so great seeing and hanging out with you. It was the best part of my trip. I am so glad that you're not planning to leave INSERT EVIL COMPANY NAME HERE."
  • A customer told me that he hoped I had a wonderful day.
  • A somewhat difficult colleague told me today that she likes working with me.
Thank you three for helping understand what was happening. Understanding this makes me aware of it, which allows me to tackle it.

Screw you, other 99.99% negative horrible shitheels that I work with.

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